Acrodisiac is NoT CUrrently Performing

Performance Art

Acrodisiac ignites their audience with inventional, rather than conventional performance art, transforming expectations of the possible and inspiring curiosity about the range and beauty of the human form.

       As Athena and Blox navigate the complexities of living and loving with intensity, they bring this dance to the stage. Their bodies before us tell the story of the architecture of passion, gracefully weaving the unhindered wonder of connection with the discipline and complexity of partnership. Acrodisiac’s openness to adventure and exploration in life and love is transformed into an innovative form of entertainment that has stretched the imaginations of audiences from the homegrown St. Claude street Burlesque scene in New Orleans, to New York City and the grand theaters of ocean-going cruise liners.

We are invited, through Acrodisiac’s performance, to explore the limits of our limbs and imaginations, and to participate in this divine play of connection, with ourselves and one another.