AcroNude will be a collection of fine acrobatic nude photography, co-produced by acrobat Ellio Blox and photographer Tom Clark. Their aim is to capture not only the physical beauty of two bodies in acrobatic connection, but also the subtler alchemy that flows between the participants, exposing layers of training, trust, play, and community building.

"With this project I want to highlight the diversity of body shape, age, and personality that can be found within the Acro community. Much of this diversity can be traced to the relatively recent shift towards accessibility of the practice. Maneuvers were broken down into progressions such that those with even the least athletic experience and body type could approach them. Attitudes were shifted such that acrobatic training and play became hyper-inclusive. With increased accessibility came more people practicing Acro, so much so, that today there is very much an Acro industry. There are Acro classes and communities in most major cities around the world. Teachers of partner acrobatics and AcroYoga travel constantly, delivering workshops on specific skill sets and mindsets. I think people have been taking up Acro at this astonishing rate because it can be fulfilling and healthy across the spectrum of human desires: physical, emotional, mental, and social."  -Ellio Blox

Below are a selection images from the extensive collection of fine art photographer, Tom Clark. AcroNude will blend the styling of Clark's nude photowork work with Blox's acrobatic work, as they co-create shoots with a wide variety of models.

*These images are not AcroNude images*