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Building with Blox in Utah

  • Root to Rise 955 W West Promontory, Farmington, Utah 84025 (map)

FRIDAY - 7:00pm-9:30pm
The handstand is the backbone of a strong acrobatics practice. An art in itself, it also conditions both the base and the flyer to be more successful in partner acrobatics.The role of each significant body part will be identified, from fingers to toes, constructing the ideal acrobatic handstand. Then you will handstand all over each other, discovering helpful handholds all over the body.
*Freebalancing a handstand is not a prerequisite. Yogis, dancers, and anyone feeling embodied is encouraged to attend!!

SATURDAY - 11:00am-1:30pm
Dutch Acro is a dated acrobatic style focusing on dynamic movements and standing work. It's extremely fun and accessible, though it can easily be taken to advanced levels. In this section we will go through a series of progresions peaking with trio swinging, with two bases and one flyer.

Both Sessions | Single Session
Day Of: $65 | $35
Advanced: $55 | $30
Studio Members: $50 | $25

Ellio Blox has nourished a lifelong fascination for peering over edges and discovering footholds in the unlikeliest of places. A full time world-traveling teacher, his acrobatic passion peaks when he is in front of students. Offering quality instruction on a deep bag of tricks, Blox has also performed partner acrobatics across North America since 2012, with his performing arts and production company, Acrodisiac. With many years of acrobatic study and teaching, a lifetime of monkeying around, and a teaching certification from Partner Acrobatics, he has a wealth of experience to inform his teaching. Having taught disciplines from language to music to movement, Blox is passionate about pedagogy and is a powerful resource for acrobatic advancement and personal growth.

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